Artificial intelligence can revolutionise the world undeniably on all fronts, be it our journey to outer space or into the Earth’s core. Undoubtedly, human life too, can be improved beyond imaginations with the power of AI.
One such attempt to improve human life is made by X Labs.
X Labs helped their client, running a chain of malls in Finland, resolve some daunting problems. To solve the issues, they leveraged AI-based technology for the security system of the client’s shopping malls.
Thus, the client was successful in making his mall more futuristic and advanced.

The case study compilation

A review was run for problems faced by the owner of the mall and it included,
• theft in the peak seasons,
• unnecessary scuffles between buyers and sellers,
• potential crisis in the parking lot,
• complained of missing children.

Data was collected about four things

The team of experts inspected and observed the following points:
a) Very old CCTV cameras were used in the mall.
b) Every single corner, and all entry and exit points were thoroughly marked.
c) All crucial places of the mall were analysed with the help of the site design.
d) It was found that the current system integrators could not act, according to the IP-based systems.

After analysing the problems and after collecting information on the above-mentioned points, it was determined that the traditional security system needed a replacement with something more advanced.

How were the challenges of Artificial intelligence in mall resolved?

An entire end-to-end system was installed in the mall starting from manufactured IP-based cameras to enterprise software. High quality cameras were installed in the mall.
Additionally, facial recognition feature had to be integrated into the cameras.
This was identified as a roadblock as the system integrators found it hard to teach their installers about the working specifications of the in-hand modern AI technology.
For this purpose, a thorough training on the system knowledge was imparted to the users and the staff.
Benefits to the mall owner from ALPR technology (Artificial intelligence in mall)
Benefits for the mall owner and staff with ALPR technology included:
1) Almost instantaneous alarms and alert mechanisms.
2) AI technology could enable the recognition of almost every object in the mall starting from a shoe to a human face.
3) Altercations between people could also be quickly identified.
4) Number plates of every device that entered and left the mall could be identified.
5) Fire and human breakouts in prohibited areas could now be more efficiently tracked.
6) Emergencies arising out of people meeting with accidents inside the mall premises could be better handled.
7) A handy back-end data of all the vehicles that entered and left the mall at one point of time could be harnessed in times of need.
Benefits to the customer for using ALPR technology (Artificial intelligence in mall)
Not only the mall owner, but the customers visiting the mall also benefitted out of this ALPR technology.
Let’s see how?
1) The ALPR technology brought down the parking fee considerably helping customers save more.
2) A real time data of when, one came in and left the mall could be obtained.
3) The perfect traffic management saved a lot of time for the customers.
4) Customers now felt more secure in the mall and the parking lot.


To conclude artificial intelligence in mall can not only improve your life, it can in fact, revolutionize human living altogether. Based on the recent benefits, the entire town of Finland is planning to switch over to ALPR technology put forth by X Labs.
With this measure, X Labs has transformed itself into one of the prime AI consultant hubs in the world.

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