Sayings about soul 1:

The soul of every being is of the same size even though our bodies are of different sizes. This itself is enough to make each of us equal in the eyes of Nature.

Sayings about soul 2:

If you want to know how to deliver your soul respect those who have no choices in this world.


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Snehashree is a content creator by profession and writer by passion. She is a storyteller, poet, and abstract artist besides being a content writer. She has published her works of poetry on Amazon and several online magazines. She moved into full time writing after spending a few years in the healthcare industry. A solivagant and an ardent animal lover, she regularly crafts interesting articles for her blog - TST.

When not writing, she can be found reciting poetries in poetry clubs, teaching kids the art of poetry, and reading avidly. You could visit her website and chat with her on Instagram.

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