If you live 100 memorable moments and can keep them in your memory till you die, it is enough for a lifetime!

We all try to find a respite from living the mundane, an inevitable part of our life for large parts, we all have to admit.

Recreation is a must and comes in various forms and textures or even colors.But for me, I have always found my nourishment in writing. I have covered my pains, my boredom, my failures, and even my successes in writing. Until now, I did not though feel the need to share it with others. It was very much my private space, so much as I feel I need to do now.

If you wish to succeed, look inside!!!!

If you can live even ten years with a firm understanding of yourself, you would have already lived your life in these ten years time.


Story Teller

Professional Writer

Over a period, I will open it up for you too to join me in this journey of storytelling, living, and enjoying moments where lie all the treasures of life.


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