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If you live 100 memorable moments and can keep them in your memory till you die, it is enough for a lifetime!

We all try to find a respite from living the mundane, an inevitable part of our life for large parts, we all have to admit.

Recreation is a must and comes in various forms and textures or even colors.

But for me, I have always found my nourishment in writing. I have covered my pains, my boredom, my failures, and even my successes in writing. Until now, I did not though feel the need to share it with others. It was very much my private space, so much as I feel I need to do now.

This realization came to me when I was going through an extremely low phase of my life. Not only was I stuck there but when I looked around I found many of them were too. Some were hitting lower points as they did not have a way to vent their failures and sadness.

It was just then that I decided to share my writing with the world as I saw some healed with me. Some even brought songs, friendships, and help as gifts in return for those happy hours they spend with my writing,

You will find stories, poems, essays, and a world very different from the way you see it daily- mundane.

Over a period, I will open it up for you too to join me in this journey of storytelling, living, and enjoying moments where lie all the treasures of life.

Come fit into my imaginations and find your own imaginary space within.

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  • Poem was published in Spillwords online platform
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