Sometimes we know by smells,

whom we meet?

Sometimes we know by the brown eyes

Who it was?

Sometimes the small gap between teeth

Makes it quite clear.

Sometimes you smell all of it.

Sometimes you smell past smells.

Sometimes you smell questions

Sometimes you smell to know why?

Is it an attempt to begin?

An attempt to end?

But, what was in question?

What was happening?

Questions often don’t get us

anywhere when you have people

around you who do not act like couple

yet try to behave like one.

Is it a desire?

Is a wish?

They don’t know perhaps.

Come out in the open.

Fear not, for I hate none.

A genuine gesture, a kind one,

A caring hand always counts.

Question is how kind, how caring

to what degree? To what extent.

Speaking heart on straight

is the only way to reach hearts.

Speaking is the only way to let

know the good and the bad.

For the smells always tell me all.

It’s just that I prefer brave, strong, genuine souls.

It’s just that you have to stand to talk,

For I never hated anyone, angry yes

You were dumbasses, you do not

see it straight like me. Look straight,

Into the eyes, it was never enmity.

I don’t make enemies.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‡

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