I dislike to hide,

what I feel, but I don’t feel the tide.

I dislike to hate,

But then I do hate at times.

I hate to let unassuming people

Come within, yet I do not

hate friends, once were friends.

I hate to be stabbed at the back,

I hate to be murdered in cold blood.

I hate to not like it all.

I hate to not find it all.

I hate when I say yes and

people take it as “no.”

I hate when I say no and

people take it as Yes.

I hate when people try

to enter through wrong ways.

Every man has a way, so do I.

I hate to say that and this.

Yet, I do not hate none.

I hate none, yet I do not

wish to hate at all.

I hate to be twisted.

I hate to be tossed.

I hate when women are called weak.

I hate when women are pressed down.

I hate when humans take other humans for granted.

I hate when humans live like dead.

I hate when humans die to stay breathing & alive.

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