The King went to the queen and slowly tapped on the door.

“Come in, the door is open. Intikhiu menukh (jump in).” 

He went in, sucked in a little water and watched the bubbles slowly rise in the water. The bubble was created when the sucked water made a small hole in the water and was replaced by the air. Water and Air replaced each other and that’s how the world worked. Fire was replaceable with Void but then you do not find beings from void in this world and hence the parallel of Fire does not exist on Earth. The Fire people are most often the most outwitted people on Earth. Even a small similarity to anyone in the crowd usually makes Fire creatures cling to them like they were their last hope. 

This is what the Earthlings are made up of – a little more of Air in some, a little more of Water in some, a little more of Fire, or Void in some and a little more of Earth in others.

“What are you doing?”

“I am trying to make a sash for our daughter.”

“You know my Lady?” The King’s hair was brown like the red mud of the land and they were tightly made into a bun on top of his head. His hair was long like a snake. The queen’s hair was light brown like the sand. It was tied behind her into a thick plait. Small sea shells adorned her plait and a small conch rested on her crown – fluorescent blue in colour.

She smiled and nodded.

“How do you know everything before me?” The King shyly smiled a little but he was not happy, he was just amused.

“You are the King, I am your queen. I am a woman and women have a sense of smell far better than the men. After all, the souls of all women go back to the same place after a point.”

“Yes, how can I forget that? True it is, they say.” He smiled again.

“When are you planning to bring her?” Her voice was like the brook flowing down a mountain.

“Three years from now, when my daughter turns 55 and my granddaughter turns 10. By then even you would have finished making the sash. If you need anything, let Groindlina know.”

“Sure my Lord.” She did not turn back to the King; she was humming a song which was being hummed by the waters all over the earth, for she was the mother of all brooks that flowed on the Earth.

Queen Selvine was the daughter of King Orbouse, the creator of Water in the Universe and Queen Rhinele.

She had a brother who was the King of the Dolphins – yet he had to part with his sister. His kingdom was threatened by three other famous kingdoms of water which ruled the element Water in the Universe. 

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