“My Lord, I have found her. She is there on Earth.” The Biranorr was happy and when they were happy, they were little stuttering creatures. The Biranorrs were always known to be cold, seemingly deceitful creatures. It was not their nature but a way to hide their embarrassment from the world – happiness was their foe. Happiness changed the way they could see the world, happiness made them more human. From the tall, slender, hovering creatures they would become like the dead coral reefs – brown, white and lifeless and stuttering when touched by happiness. They flourished when sad, they flourished when blue.


The King Sorgnoriuntele was happy too, but he knew the curse only too well.


“Where did you find her, Borgnniur?”


“I found her in the Sea. She is from a small land, Kiribati. She is an orphan being raised by a woman who hides from the world. She was rescued by a man and today she has come back to the sea. I saw her from this close, my Lord.” He stuttered at every word specially when uttering words that began with the name of the six other clans beginning with the alphabets N, L, S, D, M, T.


“Did you see her hair?”


“Yes I saw it beneath the light passing through the Waters. It is the same hexagons in her hair line.”


“You have been doing this for all those who came to the Sea?”


“Yes, my Lord, I did it for all, not even missing one. Not even those who stay on the Sea.”


“Well done, Borgnniur. I must give you the gift of the Light if you can look after her for me.”


“I will do it even if you do not give me any gift. No one knows how sad we are, seeping sadness in and letting the world share our happiness.”


“I know. Ages have passed.” “Where is she from?”


“She is from Minicoy, she was born in Maldives. Her mother died during childbirth. The father married again and her stepmother abandoned her in the Sea.”


“How did she travel such a long distance?”


“She was helped by my Lord, by the Dolphins and they swam around her, brought her to Kiribati to this woman who always sat by the Sea shedding tears of her own.”


“What happened then?”


“She saw her, rescued her from the Sea and off they went living their lives till they came back to the Sea today.”


“So my daughter is home too.” The King sighed.


“I beg your pardon my Lord. You mean Valerisch?”


“Yes, yes Valerisch, her sentence is coming to an end.”


The King continued further, “But, would it not be good to know why would the Dolphins help us?”


“The Dolphin world was never against us, Master. The D-D-Dolphins. They had to agree and they know perhaps how the girl can help us. So, silently they helped our Resurrector, as we waited to be resurrected.”


“We must pay them our obeisance, one day when we are ready.”


“Yes, my Lord.”


The Wind was seeping through the Waters. The Man was not floating in the waters since water was their medium where they could do all like we can do in Air – our medium is Air. So travel is for those through vacuum whose medium is Vacuum. So do those whose medium is Fire.

Even that of the Earth since Earth is a medium too. 


They were walking, talking and living in water. They were made of a matter harder than ours, to sustain water pressure. So was his whole tribe- the tribe of the Borks of Biranorr. Biranorr was the name of the land to which the tribe of Borks belonged.


“Fine, you may go and rest.”


“Yes Master.” 


He left slowly walking in the water. They never got wet in water but in the air they definitely got drenched.

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