He could smell like humans but far more than them, he could hear like humans but not only within 20-20,000 Hz but almost to the limits till where we can even count, he could see through closed eyes more than humans can ever imagine – beyond the finiteness of human ability, stood the Biranorr.

“I will give you wings to fly. I will make your mind sharper than the humans around. You can see and hear through your imaginations, every organisms on Earth would become tangible to you.”

With this the Biranorr touched her warm body with his cold limbs and vanished in no time.

“Aaaoooooo….” she shouted out. The mother came running.

“What happened my sweetie?” The mother asked aloud.

“I dreamt of the Biranorr touching me.”

“Where is the Biranorr, look around, there is none.”

True her mother was, there was only water around her, not the Biranorr.

“The Biranorr does not come in dreams. If it is coming in your dreams, then it might have chosen you to be its slave. So you are the chosen few.” Golmak looked around the mast of the ship, on the sail and around the deck.

“But how can it be? It was just a dream, there is no Biranorr anywhere and what splashed upon you was water from the Sea. That’s what woke you up. Why don’t you come and sleep inside, beside me?”

Yes Mama.” The girl went inside.

But, the Biranorr was there. The Biranorr was on the ship mast. But, of course it could not be seen. For it was woven in Time.

But, definitely the Biranorr had chosen the mother and the daughter, not as his slave but more like those who could save the world from the nasty humans, who were robotic by built and a mixture of all pure creatures living in this world.

The Biranorr returned to his world to report this to his master, the King.

He was happy for the first time. He knew the path; swiftly he glided through the lands, made way through the mosses and vanished underneath a vast iceberg.

His home was waiting for him.

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