The Story of the World

“What happened sweetheart? Why are you sitting here?” Limie came up to the deck. She fell asleep towards the morning.

“I have a mark on my hand Mama.”

“What kind of mark child?” Limie had long, sand and pepper hair.  “See Mama, see, look closely. There is a tiny watermark sort of structure here and the eye is blue.”

Limie drew the arm closer, on her left forearm below her horse shoe shaped birthmark there was a small crest and trough with an eye like structure on it and it was watery, glistening in the Sun. 

The mark was very prominent when seen from a distance – shining, glittering like a water mark hologram or probably like a bubble. However, it was less prominent in shade. 

“Do not tell it to Golmak until I am sure he will help us live our lives. Be a good girl, listen to Mamma please, will you?” She cupped the little face in her hands and kissed the right cheek and then the left.  

“What are you guys staring at?” The big brother came around, he was fishing early in the morning and he had found three fish, quite stout and dead, staring in a certain direction.

“You take care of her, I will go and finish my morning tasks.” Limie smiled at him and left.

“Do you know when fish die, their eyes always face the Pisces constellation. If they fail to do so, then they are reborn again as a fish; therefore, they are trained in their childhood to die facing the stars of that constellation.”


“Yes, but when they are born as humans after their fish birth they forget this rule even though this is the only way for them to get rid of this cycle of life and death.”

“Is it? Just this much you have to do? Loimi was astonished. She had heard a lot from her mother about reincarnation and rebirth.

“No, just not that. There is a huge protocol. It’s just that this is the last rule to be followed by a Pisces.”

“You know it?” Loimi was excited. Finally someone was telling her something which had worried her Mama long. She wanted to make her Mama happy. Loimi knew that her mother would be immensely happy to know that there is a man out there who knows the rules to be obeyed by the water species. These rules can release them from the recycling process – the recycling of the fish to a human form and back to the piscine form.

“Wow! Shall I call Mother?”

“Let us go now and finish our work. Your mother is brushing her teeth and you too must brush them, if you don’t want them to have cavities.”

“Why do we brush our teeth, none of the other beings on Earth do that? But I have never seen them losing their teeth?”

“Yes, but we are not linked to this realm as much as they are to Loimi. It is their world and we are just invaders.”

The Story of the World contd.

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