The Story of the World

“Did you ask Doranurl?” Doremirenz questioned in a deep voice.

“Yes, I did. The ship is in the Indian Ocean and will soon pass into the Pacific Ocean.” Rothminjinz answered softly.

“Fine then, go and talk to Doranurl. Let me know if the ship needs any help. Ask Doranurl to swim closer to the ship. Tell him to ask the group to keep a close eye on them.”

“But Lord, Doranurl cannot cross into the Pacific. The water is different there and you know the Shelcalics (name of a border tribe) are abundant where the waters meet.”

“Then find Norien and his troops, send a word, he can take it up from there.”

“Yes, Doremirenz. I will then do that.”

“Rothminjinz, take care that no one else comes to know. The king has put his trust in us and we should not let him down. You know how things work here on Earth.”

“Yes, I will keep it a closed secret. Doremirenz, where is the King now? Is he coming down on himself?”

“No, we are just to keep a watch. The king rests in Neptune now.”

Rothminjinz laughed out suddenly, “Sorry I could not control.”

“What is it?” Doremirenz was slightly confused and partly amused.

“We use names used by humans for everything.”

“Yes. true.” He slanted his head to his right and laughed aloud. Continuing further he said, “It is not our land, what to do? We were here to mainly help build the planet but its structure is so chaotic that we had to stay and now that our clans have stayed, we have somewhat transformed a bit as per their ways.”


“I am leaving for Ganymedeus tomorrow, Ganymede, Gandolrmindeus as we call it.” He smiled.

“Sure. Shall I take over?”

“Yes, of course, you are not only brave but your bravery is of a very rare kind, Rothminjinz. I trust you. But not even for a moment I want to hear that you lost her. Use the portal to talk to me every day while I am on Ganymede.”

“Sure! I will not leave any stone unturned.”

“Yes, if you need any help let me know, I will be able to help you even from home.”

“Yes, my Lord. Doremirenz, remember we are friends.”

“I will keep up the promise we made to each other, Rothminjinz.”

“Roan kien kien (goodbye).” 

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