“Yes, yes, like a ghost. Now come, the food is ready, the fish fry is amazing when the stomach is empty enough to heal. It will give us more time to keep talking into the evening.”

“Why did you save me when I was in the Sea?”

“Your death has not come. You vicious kid; born of soft clay and wax, little lady. I mean your mother should not have sent you to the Sea to wash clothes.”

“No, but she is tired and alone. She has no one except me. I have to help her. Now, she must be hungry by now.”

 “Hmm I see. Where is your mother now?”

“In her hut in Kiribati. Very few people live there, people are leaving those lands, no one saves it. The water rises every day and reaches our homes. My Dad left her here and went off to Hong Kong with another woman, my mother says, I was very small then.” She stressed on every single word and spoke like she understood everything.

“Let’s pick her up. The Sea is her home and if she can love it, the Sea can be her home.”

“Great. Let’s do that.” Loimi smiled.

“You eat your fish while I turn the sail and in another three hours your mother can be with us. The Sun is still not very low.” Golmak sat to turn the sail and Loimi sat to eat her fish, fresh roasted and brown. The smell was awesome. Loimi had not had fish in a long time. She was just having rice and barley for all her meals.

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