“I was waiting for it, you see, I was waiting for it to know where he can take me. But, then it did not come to me. It was gone. Poof….it vanished.”

“Why didn’t you go to him?” The girl stressed a little bit more.

“You see girl, it doesn’t happen that way. It can never happen that way. You cannot catch a Biranorr that way and never actually can you catch it. The trick is to become its slave and then slowly change his mind. You can never catch a Biranorr and we are mortal humans, we can never do that. Never girl. The land of Biranorr is beautiful, they say, made of water like ours. Do you want to read about Biranorrs?” Golmak was perceivably excited.

“Yes.” The little girl was digging her nose; staring blankly at the floor where a puddle of water was slowly evaporating, thanks to the hot summer heat. She was still wet and a few minutes back she lay on that puddle. There was some green mucus and a little vomit of undigested food in it too. Loimi could smell that now as it dried slowly in the Sun.

“Once we land up in Java, I will take you to a temple which is in its ruins and no one knows about it much, it is by the Sea and there lies a book in chains describing the life of Biranorr, as they were before us. You will see for yourself the world of waters where Biranorrs rule a clan, Water is just not blue, water is not cyan, it is splendid and no doubt awesome.”

“But then how do you see an invisible thing. How do you even become its slave? You said just a few minutes back that you cannot see a Biranorr.” Loimi was gulping down all the information about these so-called mythical beautiful creatures which were cursed and waited on Earth for the curse to die.

“It will show up, if it needs a slave and just at that point if I am there, there is a chance it will choose me as a slave. You see Biranorr is a creature of the fourth dimension- the three dimensions of our world and the fourth is called Hong. The Biranorr is a tribe, mystical, beautiful, aggressive yet peace loving. Their beautiful lithe bluish purple skin and their tall, slender build make them one of the world’s most beautiful creatures in the world.”

“What’s the fourth Hong?”

“You see it is the dimension of time. So Biranorr is made up of one fourth of Earthly elements like Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space just to blend in with us and three fourth of Time, thus, invisible to the human eye except a shadow or a glimpse.”

“Like a ghost?”

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