“Here girl, let’s pick up your mother.”

She ate the fish like she had found the best thing in the world. Every other day she would somehow stuff the rice in her mouth to set off to  clean the house. Her nose was no longer flowing as it did when she would be home. Loimi was seven and her nose dripped, the white patchy mucus looked so green at times and so yellow at other. Loimi was upset always and her eyes would look towards the Sea for help.

But now she could see her home- Kiribati was where she loved to be, she was not on the main island though. 

“Where were you Loimi? I thought you left me. I cannot give you time to even play. You are just seven and you need it though.” Loimi’s mother Limie soon hugged Loimi as soon as she saw her.

“I was with Golmak out in the sea when I drowned. He picked me up and saved me. He is trying to become a slave to the Biranorr.” Loimi responded.

Limie smiled and her lips spread into a broad grin and hugged her close to her breasts. “I am so sorry to have sent you alone. I would never do that again. Biranorr is a legend, isn’t it?”

“No Limie they are real. It is just that you need to give it some time. How old are you and Loimi?” Golmak asked.

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