What to do? The cat gave birth to four litters. Now these kittens were barely one month old and very beautiful. Shrum could not leave them and go away.

We were deciding to change her house.

We were searching.

Now, I had a doubt that the cat was extremely friendly, so I wanted to know.

A few tappings confirmed that the cat was placed in the house to create or increase the fear factor. So, that she went to someone searching for shelter. It was proven.

Well, the sad part was the trouble makers chose the Goddess of the underworld, cats as they are widely known to create fear within Shrum.

She healed Shrum and told her how to counter it.

Now, one day when her father came to visit. A young boy knocked at the door about one thirty in the afternoon. Shrum opened the door, it was Saturday.

“Mam I have come from an MBA institute and as part of the project I am supposed to sell as many copies of this encyclopaedia.” He held one in his hand.

“No, thanks, we don’t need an encyclopaedia at the end of the day.”

“Well, Mam it covers the entire city’s information. They are making a bike Mam using real bones of humans. In another five years time it would be ready.” The boy twisted his neck and a crunching sound appeared like that of a skeleton.

“So?” He turned the pages and there stood the bike with bones dripping in blood.

She closed the door and called me, “Are they planning to use my bones?” We had a good hearty laugh.

Now, Mr. New Kumar was becoming quite out of control.

After the first instance where Shrum asked Mr. New Kumar if he belonged to a bullet club seeing his T-shirt, she did not further have any conversation. A genuine conversation was expected but she chose to refrain it since she had not found bikers around. Now she does not talk anymore.

The manager Pure brought Mr. New Kumar and another Ph.D holder to Shrum one day, to shadow her work. Shrum nodded as she always nodded for everything and began showing a case she did.

“Since when are you working here?” He asked.

“Two years.” She responded.

He asked some other questions and she replied with a smile on her face. Now, any doubts they had she would clear for them. He trained another man who had a nice son and in the same batch known to be tough one. He did not disturb her and learnt all that she told him.

But then again Mr. New Kumar attempted flirting, staring out like she did not know his real look.

She ignored and she hoped, he would stop at this.

But, then he did not. One day a woman was discussing virginity and Shrum just said, “why to give it up uselessly.”

He jumped in, “As if it is so precious. It is available anywhere, everywhere. Big deal.”

She looked at him, went back to her place.

Few days, the manager would send him to call for meetings.

“Come, come.” He said one day.

Someone from the other end asked where?

They laughed as they exchanged glances, Shrum stared blankly.

Now, New Kumar is a very seemingly jolly looking person. Shrum ignores him.

She wore a red dress on the Valentine’s Day, as per the theme and went to talk around. He bent down his head and his face had an irritated look.

“Did he think I wore it for him? Big deal.” I was meanwhile understanding the scenario. But not allowing a situation to head start, and to allow proceed in its course would lead to bigger jolts. The wisdom was to quietly let it pass since we were not interested.

“We found one thing. Some people are creeping behind her. Sun’s rays would challenge her with odd and abrupt questions if she made errors in the case.

“What did you study, basically?”

She had to go for her mother’s check up. Now their work was hampered. She would take her leaves over it and work from home for another few days.

But, then work from home used to be tough with a single screen. They were made to use double screens mostly. Less work, less targets, more balance work and left over, the counts were very important in this business.

So one day Ray of Hope suggested,

“Why don’t you show here. I had a friend whose relative actually died in that hospital you visit. You can show here there are very good hospitals. If you want I can help.”

“Great, now they want you to act as per their will. If something goes wrong who will pay? Your selfless company?”

We laughed again.

Due to the leaves going over these check ups she could not go home. The paid leaves were not given to her, she was not allowed.

She asked many times.

Pure would refuse her.

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