“Can that other guy be such dumb?”

“Why did he do like that?”

“I don’t know Di, today in the office I just said something like, why to bother so much about money. You can be happy with less money also, not nil but less.”

He said, “Ahaa!” from the next cubicle. I was conversing with that PG mate of mine who was telling you only need money. So I said not only money, you need other things also. I thought he was appreciating a fact. How do I know why he acted that way, it made no sense Di.”

“Okay leave it. It was not your problem. I heard you anyways. But I just thought maybe if you had gone to the other cubicle to him for something.”

For safety issues, I had asked her to switch on the recorder whenever she was having a discuss around for me to be able to come to right conclusion. Someone had to know she was right till the end. I knew destiny had made me that person and I did not want to fail this time. She was naive and humans cannot treat them as jokers, ghosts or fools. They hold no right to do so. She understood all of it, yet her job was a requirement and she hoped till the end that humanity still existed in this world.

I did not want to snatch her innocence, so wherever not required I have not shared the drama and all the crap I overheard over phones.

Business conversations I never heard, since her clients had given her a lot of recognition and that very year, a very nice woman made her subject matter expert for literature. She held client calls and also trained floors, attended meetings but her dedication was slighted with matters which were weaved by them to promote their tribes, promote people who bribed them, their state, manager’s state and creed became important.

Well, as the story unfolds human effort made by idiots and stupid people should never be underestimated.

As they say, “never underestimate the power of stupidity.”

Well, she did not and thus she completed more than what she had planned in the place with gratitude and came out safely on her own terms. She did not give a reason to fight nor fought.

As I said this series is intended to entertain and enlighten readers and does not intend more than that through several lives.

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