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If you have come across other people, you might have come across as well with many depressed people over a lifetime.

I would call upon all to remember your situation and follow the below tips.

We talk about a lot of sins but I think the greatest sin of all, is to attempt terrorising people by wicked means.

Meanwhile i give you some points as example, things which can lead to depression.

Now, how can depression set in?

THE Rollercoaster ride in life fall out of balance?

Depression can set in when your mind is trained to think in a certain way, but it has to respond to challenges, so it forces itself to thinking in another way.

I would tell you how certain events could be very depressing and triggers but they won’t, if you are aware of them and the harm they can build around you.

In India and many other developing nations, being a woman and voicing anything against men is utterly a sin. Specially, if you deny anybody of any pleasure seeking activity.

Men have to understand that women can comply with wants, wishes of various kinds (even as small as accompanying a person to dinner or 🍴) only if she wants. She can like a man whom she marries, prefers to befriend (not forced friendships), or does any act of emoticons or develops any closeness or she may choose not to. She need not explain the society or the world what or why she prefers not to choose a person over someone else.

But, in India 🇮🇳 people demand an explanation ridiculously, “you chose him, why not me?”

“It’s my personal life you need to scream your lungs out.”

The citizens must remember hooliganism is a good weapon but the world should not promote it as an universal weapon, a single spice mix to be used in all curries.

I) Some challenges

1) Change of place type like moving from a big to a small city or vice versa.

2) Getting across a wrong crowd- Well this is a huge trigger. Often, our job types and our surroundings are largely influential in the kind of people you are exposed to. Like being exposed to a crowd whose values are different from yours.

II) Workplace scenario.

Now, in a workplace, when you maybe trying to adjust,

1) You come across conspirators who are trying to replace you or trying to keep you, using a tactic which would make you more beneficial for them.

Rather than letting your original energy flow, they try to create an alternate energy flow within you.

2) You come to know that what little people you trusted, they were also a part of the same group. Trusted like friends, lets say. You allowed some handful of people to know you a bit.

3) Now, same thing happened to me. But, I could not leave the job, nor could I adjust to their purposes and to the people. So, I struggled through a job where there was a vast difference between the way people thought around me and the way I did.

4) Complaining generally,  is of no use. Since, that can trigger things to unnecessary and uncontrollable proportions.

5) Often staying out of a job is also not possible due to different issues.

Now, there is no way you can make the world believe what you say, and trust me they know how you are. But, they do it because they believe in the philosophy that:

If you tell a lie a thousand times that becomes a truth.

III) Now, see how we make errors in our life.

@) We underestimate the power of such people- Don’t underestimate the power they possess. They can turn a very good thinking crowd into believing because they can create stories. Our natural reflex to this phenomenon is fear initially. Now, this can cause you major harm if you do not control it.

@) Next is seeing the true intentions of people will shock you. This is another point where you can get depressed. So, the best thing to do is to let go of how people are.

You cannot control what they do, but you can control how you think.

@) Another way is exaggerating your personal life. If you smile at someone they say you flirted, if you talk to someone they say you tried crafty talks instead of telling the truth, if you sit with someone and have dinners and lunches you are dating those all people at one time, if any guy passes lewd comments or does some lewd gesture and you feel shocked then you responded to them and God forbid, you call someone your friend in error or exchanged gifts then you are their partners.

@) People know the power of immaturity thus they do not leave it because it serves their purpose and this is one purpose where the weapon of immaturity is used.

Ever facing such a scenario where you find such loose environmental ways of dealing with humanity.

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