I have become an abstract artist. For what I paint and make, I create things that vaguely make sense, but then they do make sense. For the first time, I made a piece without judging or categorizing it into anything. But then I received a comment the first day I posted it. It read, “Wow!”As abstract art, it is beautiful.”

I thought for a while, and I knew why my art was being given such a tag. Abstract art is a term that works to pacify what we do not understand well.

Or understand vaguely.

It was then that I began framing this constant. I realized sooner that humans too are perhaps an abstract creation. They never really live beyond a certain frame and cannot be defined or clubbed with any other being.

If you typed the word abstract in Google, you’d realize that abstract means an idea and is not merely a physical thing.

Even eternity, as per Google, is abstract.

Reason: It is just an idea, and no matter how many movies we make to give it a firm shape, we’d still be short of this fact that, as we cannot define it, you cannot call it anything more than an abstract piece.

If you wish to understand more about what can be called abstractness, you might have to read this entire passage as I try to understand it myself.

Why did I call humans abstract?

Could there be any reason to do so?

Well, in my opinion, humans can be called abstract, as humans too seem like someone’s idea, and yet, even though we are complete beings, walking, talking, and shitting the world with our elusive and invigorating ideas, we too are somehow incomplete.

Humans worry, fight, desert their ways, and search every day for a new way to live. Why?

It is due to our feeling of incompleteness.

An incomplete self in search of something that can complete them!

When the idea first cropped up, while the societal formation was so new, they merely tried permutation combinations.

Out of all these permutations and combinations, our ancestors zeroed in on a few.

  • A marriage is one where, momentarily, a person can feel complete. It is this sharing of two people that is now on the path of decay, as many other changes have finally smeared the path of marriage, and a simple, transparent route is now an oblivious, opaque way to nowhere.
  • A family and children also found a way in which they completed a need of the world, and in doing so, there seemed again to be another momentary completeness spawning at the very edges of creation.
  • For those who were not convinced of the path, came the path of devotion and libation. Feeling complete in the presence of an abstract god.

Would it then not be apt to say that we can believe in an abstract God only as we are ourselves abstract beings?

If we were complete and knew everything about ourselves—our beginnings and ends—would we not then move away from the concept of God that we now have around us—invisible, intangible, and inconspicuous?

If you notice, other than the nature worshippers, none of us have ever devised a God who is living, tangible, and as miraculous as our abstract gods are.

Only nature worshippers and atheists have a way to look into a world that is either completely non-existent or exists and performs miracles like our trees. That tree whose miracles have preserved us, yet our abstract faith has found such deep and hard ground that the real miraculous beings are being silently eliminated from this world.

When I see a wounded animal or a chopped tree that I could not save as my means are few and sparse, I question them: why is it that they do not fight and take over? After all, humans are frail and weak, susceptible to even the slightest wound.

They lie there merely and look at me with pain-struck eyes, saying as though we cannot move abstract humans away from abstract gods.

Most religions claim there were men who were superhumans, and worshipping them becomes our sole dharma.

It is not untrue that there were great men and that great deeds were done by them. But then would it mean that until great men lived and did great deeds, even the real gods were around, as the very human was real then? But now, we no longer are, and thus, our gods no longer are either.

It could also be that since we are such abstract beings, we are incapable of doing great deeds.

Going through the world’s time chime, I have realized what it means to be abstract, and therefore, each day as I sit to draw and come up with an abstract idea, I know I am living up to the deeds of my clan.

I am living as an abstract human, and therefore, nothing pervades reality more than living with the truth.

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Snehashree is a content creator by profession and writer by passion. She is a storyteller, poet, and abstract artist besides being a content writer. She has published her works of poetry on Amazon and several online magazines. She moved into full time writing after spending a few years in the healthcare industry. A solivagant and an ardent animal lover, she regularly crafts interesting articles for her blog - TST.

When not writing, she can be found reciting poetries in poetry clubs, teaching kids the art of poetry, and reading avidly. You could visit her website and chat with her on Instagram.


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