When I look at people, I fail to relate to them and their happiness.

Happiness seems to come like a thundershower into my life.

In a blink, happiness goes away from me.

Swallowed by the wholesome grey clouds of monotony,

sadness and the pain of seeing life ebb away right beneath us.

What have I not understood about life, I ask?

Is life bigger than death? I have yet to learn.

For me, death seems to bring an end—a pause, you may call it.

But then, all this while, it has been death that has ruled us all.

We run away from it, and it makes us run more.

No man is so brave on Earth as to meet death with a smile.

What I do not understand is that what we make of life is,

just the time we spend running from death.

Or are we truly living at all?

What I have failed to understand is:

The pain that seers through our veins when we see a life ebb away

The pain we see when we meet an ailing human

Can we grow steelier enough to not worry about death?

Some people I meet have stopped worrying about others’ deaths.

But when it comes to them, they worry as much as I do.

Often, I stop living as I do not understand what is in it.

What is in this joy?

What is in this home that we built?

so frail and so deeply fragile,

What is this relaxation,

What is fun?

What is it but a moment’s diversion?

Then comes sickness, imprisonment, lunacy,

and “all falls down.”

All crumple under the weight of living.

What I find is real, then?

a moment’s composure.

a quiet satire,

slow work that gives you enough to fend for your needs.

a smile,

a child,

An animal and a tree

Nothing else is real, so it seems when you live long

surrounded by patients who yearn for a single breath more,

Just one more single breath is what they want to live for.

If I haven’t understood the glory of living, then who has?

Surmounting troubles and yet living,

a true vengeance to be dead in the end!

a life full of misery created by us!

a bowl full of desires, emptied in the fuss.

It is true, I have not understood everything.


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Snehashree is a content creator by profession and writer by passion. She is a storyteller, poet, and abstract artist besides being a content writer. She has published her works of poetry on Amazon and several online magazines. She moved into full time writing after spending a few years in the healthcare industry. A solivagant and an ardent animal lover, she regularly crafts interesting articles for her blog - TST.

When not writing, she can be found reciting poetries in poetry clubs, teaching kids the art of poetry, and reading avidly. You could visit her website and chat with her on Instagram.

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