Why do people mostly not accept fears?

Out of egos and also due to the wanton thoughts that fears bring with themselves.

The fact is almost every single person who has cried soon after birth is scared of this world.

Countries fight to hide their fears, and so do men.

Men try to find out more, and so do countries. Espionage is a crime but, we need to always know who is threatening our existence and living.

If we are scared, I asked a cognitive behavioral therapist, why is it that we cannot make a collective attempt to get over it collectively? Why does it always happen, that we end up destroying something out of fear?

She made an interesting point that I wish to share here. She said that it is since some people in the process of hundreds of years have learned to use others’ fears for their profit.

Mostly we try to preserve ourselves from such people who would attack us after knowing our fears and that we call them our ENEMY.

While discussing with her where she admits to telling me more only if I keep her away from it and on grounds of anonymity that an enemy is always not the one who acts in defense out of fear. It is always the calculative trickster who knows well to use others’ weaknesses for their benefit.

Destroying an enemy is not often possible, especially such enemies, as they tend to know well to hide their lunacy from the world.

This world can surely drive people crazy, and when someone knows well to use their lunacy, they become Gods, the all-powerful but not the all-merciful.

These are mostly those humans who can just not subjugate humans under them but entire nations, and even huge, tall, overpowering organizations.

What makes our fears big?

If we think along these lines, we will realize that since people are benefiting out of it, and now, of course, organizations, there is a chance that our fears will be ever-increasing as more and more people learn the art of using these fears to their favors.

Secondly, it also means these people would never let such fears from coming to an end as it is their very source of bread and butter. To counter them, there are even bigger organizations, more massive than a thin, lanky human, standing with torch lights to find these ‘fear reapers and harvesters’ and who call themselves snappers of fear and yet can’t mostly end them.

Does it mean their bread and butter depends on the fear spread by the reapers and harvesters then? If so is the case, it is even more massive for an entity to be crushed all at once.

Thirdly, we are moving towards creating more and more fears every day as more and more ‘fear reapers and harvesters’ as I would like to call them are coming up.

Or, shall I say they were always the biggest part of the world. Otherwise, how can it be that the ancient invaders of our country, mostly, the looters are some of the world’s richest men in their times?

Until the 1980s, we still lived a bit happily given ignorance is always bliss but now, with the rapid advent of the internet, even if we want, we cannot ignore the world.

The question that always comes up more than ever is,

What are we creating? By killing everything, replacing old with newer humans freshly alighting from their mother’s wombs, and by ensuring mass extinction of beautiful species of plants and animals?

Every day, I ask myself this question while living through my fears while telling myself every day that there is nothing to fear.

But when I look at the world it seems small only to be made an ominous looking ball by the billions of minds that work together day in and out, night in and out.

If it had been small and, if we had not moved these ways that we have moved over millions of unnamed civilizations, where would we have reached by now?

Would our destinations have been the same whether we lived or not this way?

“Living fear-generating machines?”

Today fear is a necessity, and we are dependent heavily on fear for our survival. But this was not the case, millions of years behind us. So, I presume, given we are living today on said histories and norms.

Is there a result for fear vs non-fear

Time runs forward, and everything we measure is relevant to the time we are in today thus, everything that happened or will happen will seem to be happening in the past.

But what if there is no past in time as there is no future and everything that is happening around us is all a circle just like the one on which we live?

I do not wish to create new physical laws, and neither challenges the vivid understanding of our fellow humans who strive each day to make meaning of this vast Universe but, I just wonder. Could it be that we have written what we are living today?

If we have parallel timelines, can it be that one is writing and the other is living it? Could it be that one is shifting their fears upon us and we are making it a business while some version of ours in the parallel world is just living a peaceful world?

Well, I did see the films well, not to mention the Sorcerer and the Scarlet Witch quite attentively.

In such circumstances, then there is still hope as hypothetically, we have to just start moving away from fear, and in doing so we move towards the better world and merely by doing so people now earning from fear will also be eligibly earning from non-fear (cannot call it courage since the absence of fear is not courage but non-fear).

Hypothetical consequences of fearless living

If for a moment, the whole world ceases to be afraid and does what is right; can we not bring back all our greatest leaders or their clans, generations, and lineages who can drive our life on a better path?

Lord Rama’s clan, Christ’s clan, and the likes of our great Shivay, apart from many great souls who tried with even their sacrifices to turn people from fear. But what did we do, we ceased our understanding and killed them and their visions by dynamically shifting our thoughts from non-fear to fear.

What guides us more than nasty humans must be a force big enough to fear, and by bringing the great men back in the equation can we still not save our Earth. Our Gods don’t however need help, as they will live in their micro niches till we leave only to come back and conquer it, to replenish this tired Earth, to make it a home for the remaining humans.

Since then, there will be no one to stop them to shift the scales towards the positive side, and reviving Earth is a science they have long mastered.

But what will happen with the majority is yet to be seen?

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