Chapter I

Not long ago, we were unaware of the matter, and its creation; anti-matter and its creation too. It is only of late that we know a lot about the matter and a bit about anti-matter.

But despite all our efforts, life forms and their patterns seem to be moving in never-changing circles all along since the very beginning of human consciousness of time.

We all often begin our stories by saying, “at the beginning of time.” But, it is never the very beginning when humans existed the way they do now, so when we use the phrase, “beginning of time” we are imagining too highly about ourselves, given the memory of our past is no longer intact and almost lost except for a few people.

We all wonder, at least once in our life about the beginning and end of it all.

Most of us do it subconsciously and some of us are bold enough to do it consciously. This very world that is too busy to run from one day to another does not want to know what lies past us or what lies ahead of us.

Some of us though conjure ideas about our past, mostly our immediate past by reading fossils, or books, strips of paper even.

It is not today that the world is like this, the way it is. In fact, it was designed this way for fulfilling many purposes at many levels. The Neanderthals indeed existed and in fact, even Homo habilis existed too. Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution are true and those people who say he was wrong to miss the whole point and go all the way round to drop to that conclusion.

But here we will talk more about how all this came together, now that we know Charles Darwin was never wrong, and nor are our friends who oppose Darwin’s theory vehemently.

So how did it all begin?

The story here begins with the story of water and soon we all will move from water to the story of fire, lands, air, and then space.

Roll the drums and play the strings as we sing together the story of our past.

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