We are fast paced, undoubtedly!

But if you don’t know how to think right, how do you think, you can keep up with the fast pace?

One after the other tiny errors will push you backwards.

Why don’t we try to see if there is a way to think better?

Is there really a way? Ohhhh Myyyy Godddd!!!

Good news is, there is one!

To think better, you need to think of your mind as a house or home with separate rooms. Thinking is everything, of course!

If you can think better, you can live better!

Are you convinced or do you need a bit more coaxing?

If you need a wee bit more push, let me know in the comments section and I will be happy to help.

The first thing is to know what all types of thought processes make way into our mind.

  1. Non-essential thoughts
  2. Essential thoughts
  3. Futuristic thoughts
  1. Non-essential thoughts imply simple jargons, that come and go.

For example, juicy gossips, our fears, competition, pride, ego, and any of the sins.

Yes, they are jargons!

Are you asking me why?

Well, you don’t need them to survive through your days- as simple as that!

2. Essential thoughts are what save you throughout the day.

What to wear, how to talk, where to go for your lunch are some to start with!

I am sure we know how these thoughts look like for each of us.

3. Futuristic thoughts are those that help us to live better.

Have you ever come across people you secretly think are not smart enough? Well, why would you think that way about a person, when we all are so full of follies?

The reason being, your ability to understand that the person in question, does not have a vision for his life and lives day in and day out.

It means they are not doing futuristic thinking.

They are the people in the crowd who are too busy with their small or big lives and are not seeing the future ahead.

Unfortunately, not many of us acknowledge that such people might be lacking the knowledge of the futuristic thinking technique.

Yes, surely there are some more who simply don’t do it as they are too lazy to think beyond their comforts.

The next best step here is to know how to think.

90% of studies show that all three kinds of thoughts flow through us, but what people actually are not taught is how to catch them to keep them together.

If you think you fall in that category, then take up a pen and paper or carry your note app or your mobile.

Start jotting down all those thoughts that can help build your future better.

Like I gave an example, in my Instagram handle @Sne8798 the other day.

If your thought is related to learning or knowing the better communication technique with a person you don’t want to loose touch, write down in your notepad immediately, whenever the idea pops up.

You need not think it through the moment it comes to your head, as of course, you are busy.

So, just write communication………………..with Mr.X or Ms.Y and leave it there.

Keep jotting down all such points as they crop up in your head every now and then.

After you are done with your day’s work and have some time, pick up this paper and choose that one point you think is the most important of all…..now think it through…

Your mind is sharp enough to understand and rank even these thoughts to create a priority list for you.

Once you start doing it, you will be ahead of many.

So this is the first tip on what or how I start my poetry course.

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