To all fighting women, cheers!!!!!

A slight modification lest people offer free love, implicating me later for not accepting it.lols🦋

To all fighting women, cheers!!!!!

People often talk of it,

as though hallowed and precious it is,

but then it’s not as it should have been,

rather it is what we do not see- a weapon of the Strong.

We are weak in many ways,

abused by all mostly all on many days.

Human predators troll and maul,

They are the ones who use loving calls.

I do not wish to be roaming with you,

I do not wish to entertain you, your way.

I do not wish to stand and do nothing for this dying planet.

I do not wish to live sans my rules.

I love to not be what men want me to be,

entertaining dolls, sleeping around, gratifying points.

I love to not be what women want me to be,

biting, slapping, conniving souls and croissants.

I wish to not do anything others want me to be.

I wish to also not be what you wanted me to be.

I wish to be my way, my will….my will matters to me,

for me, I wish I could have love, true, palpable from a man

whom I like or love without being forced or coerced, and not end in a desire to be a mere bed mate.

That’s how you preferred to see me, that’s how the

world around there tried portraying me.

But then I am not one of many and not many of any.

I choose compassion still, I choose to move forward.

I choose to move ahead, all my wounds can dry,

they can heal or bleed, for me to see them always.

I become what I want to, or I become nothing.

It is upon you all, coz Karma is watching your generation,

you, your house too, choice has no karma, it has no grammar,

your desires are not karma for me,

if you are hurt that’s not even karma for me.

You are hurt since you invoked wrong desires.

Follow the Buddha and you will know I am the one

wounded by the attacks of you, your worlds.

But, I let go all those who saw me this way,

who did wrong to me in many ways.

I let go, I let go you.

I let go all, I let go.

It is time to know if you can let go.

It’s better you do it, before karma bites on you,

Before it wounds you for your deeds, for my wounds are

still fresh and my wounds are all your deeds….

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