How can I say, I do not understand it,

when all I simply do, is understand every bit.

I am a loving person yet I do not wish to

continue loving some of those in my life.

I am a deeply understanding person, all I do is understand

everybody, but then I still do not choose to stand

for veils, trickery, delusions, the will to destroy.

I am a cohesive person, yet when it came to some

people, it was deeply unsettling to know their motif

was hatred, their intent was contemptuous and their

views were derogatory to my survival. I could

never fathom being any of those, that the world

took to believing, I could have never been those

that they so easily tried stamping me as, but I did not

preach hatred, for nature of humans cannot be changed.

Even the worst of all places, if you could survive,

you live to a tomorrow, unknown, fearful yet within

your ways, for ways cannot be how men wanted to see it.

Ways cannot be how women wanted to make it.

For ways are just mine, they belong to me- my ways.

I have learned to shred tears and fears apart-

Even amongst men you can feel lonely.

Even when you have enough to eat, you can die starving,

you no longer desire to eat any of those.

Even when you have more, you may still be a no one.

A nooner lonely, reclusive, crouching away from our own presence.

Thus, begins life again and again on Earth,

thus we move slowly away from prickly thorns.

Thus, we make our ways out of nets, elusive and designed like a friend, a lover

yet not any of them. But, I must thank my past, no doubt, since I learned

those ways, I learned to travel, I learned to unravel mysteries of life.

I learned facades, traps, nets of this world,

I am stronger in my views all because you tried-

tried destruction, tried pity, tried falsity, tried traps.


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