So, She had to set the priorities right.

1) Either marry the guy she calls her own


2) not marry at all.

If not marrying at all, then every attempt had to be made to

Not become a second hand, a keep as they call people.

Not to let people abuse our integrity as women.

Not to let ourselves fall in any unnecessary trap.

To keep a head clean.

To move forward in directions decided by us and only us.

Not to be influenced in short.

Thus, movement was our only way. Journeys and eternities.

She knew one thing now….chomolangma would happen, it was close.

Chomolangma her eternal home.

Slowly, she wished to move forward.

This very thought allowed her live so long.

Alongwith other thoughts.

She had seen a monster called poverty.

She had seen all the seven sins.

She had seen every other hell in life either through her own life or through someone else, she had accidentally known or would know.

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