So, she had faced what all, till that point is a matter of concern for a young girl.

1) Undue attention from men not her kind. These have turned into animosity at many times.

There was one guy who would stare at her like she was cake in her masters. She would hide behind more amenable so called classmates unable to know how to tackle a man’s attention when she did not want it. She was caught sadly since she had to submit her blood analysis reports to this very Ph.D student.

He reacted by spreading rumours and dating the next best girl ending up marrying her.

She was happy at last, yet she had to suffer running to the hospital several times to manage her thesis and her project.

More men when her mother was suck, dressed as compassionate friends, ready to become boyfriends. She dodged them all.

It was her bad luck she knew which face to respond and her sin, she wanted to stick to it.

2) Pity from humans who pitied her existence. An Indian girl is helpless when her mother falls sick.

Comments received

“Ohh sad now she can no longer study, she was good in it, you know.”

“She may not get a suitable match. After all, in our society who marries such a poor girl with a sick mother and no brother.”

“If someone pitied you and marries you, do not throw tantrums go with that great man who would finally save you.”

A doctor in a well renowned hospital in this megacity she went for work, let’s say any, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune for that sake (not being mentioned specifically) told her mother once,

“Now, only a foreigner can marry your daughter.” A very old man almost in his sixties in a noble profession and out of the blues. No one had asked for his advise on who would be marrying me, neither was I asking him to marry me. I had gone to ask him if we could continue my mother’s and dad’s medicines for diabetes given they had reactions.

Well, instead of barking at his insanity I preferred keeping quiet. Why bark at insane people? I thought.

“She is in trouble, Ohh girl, poor girl, we pity her. God forbid she lands with wrong people landing in God knows which place.”

“What if she lands in flesh trades, after all, she is an Indian girl? How much does she understand?”

Bahbah bah bah bah…sheep all around.

3) Relatives is a relative term, it’s true. I learned. Not one, not even a single one turned up. Sisters had work, brother fought with sister while she was in bed..our fault…they had asked some money since her dad was stuck here. She wished to return it once they were back home.

The brother came twice but then played games since he had arguments with Shrum’s little sister and he wished just one thing aloud, “you guys have to come back to us. Bow down to us.”

The relatives whom her mother had forgotten helped more, remembered her more. They send their wishes even those with whom certain things were not right.

4) Money was a hard fight, always was. Principles kill money and money kills principles.

5) Her parents tried to get her married. The responses were poor and mostly aimed at making a woman some kind of slave.

They did not prefer having a bride.

A woman can cook, clean, wash, manage do everything if she finds love. Well, love is not meant for all, not on how she wished it to be, her terms.

She decided to leave this path forever when time would permit, leave all of it and time did come in her life when she could do that.

Becoming a bride,

A muse,

A slave

Nothing at all.


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