Whispering smoke

“Are we even moving? This AC in your car, hey! Does it work? The heat will kill me probably if nothing else can.” He scratched his neck and back constantly.

“You are here for six months, my sources said.”

“Yes.” Marco always used words as though he enjoyed every bit of the word’s existence.

He went quiet again,

“What? Why do you stare? I was here to die, okay, ” he shouted the last part.

“Is that fine?” He looked quietly away from me.

“To die? Aren’t you dead after all these years, all these crimes of mind games, deviating humans from their tracks for your benefit.” I smirked at his answer, for a moment it did not seem real.

“Exactly, that’s the point. I came here to know that part of it.” He made his point as his hands waved in the air.


“I wanted to tell you, I met your daughter.”

“Why are you even, telling me? Wait. One second, did you destroy her as I destroyed you?”

“No Marco you have not destroyed me, you have killed me and ghosts can harm no one, you must know that.” I knew I did not hate him, hate was far from him but yet there was no word apart from apathy which could justify my sense of feeling towards him.

The air was still salty even though we were moving north.

We had halted in the gas station and I collected some cold drinks and some beer 🍺.”

“Why don’t you kill me right now?” He was smoking and he suddenly wheeled towards me dropping his cigarette beneath his feet, stripping it off it’s life that very moment.

“I will tell you. What’s the hurry? Or do you want to become a martyr of some sort?”

“Nah! Girl martyr, hmm my foot.” He smiled replying immediately.

He began humming slowly,

People are born wild,

only to live a life becoming mild.

The end is chilling and blind.

I wish to end here, my child.”

“Where did you pick up these lines and this poetry?” I looked at him as the Sun set behind him casting a gloomy grim cover to his presence.

“Well, I must say, it’s all mine.” This time he ended his cigarette and threw the butt away. The smoke lingered in the air for a while before vanishing like humans on earth.

“You don’t like it?” He asked me.

Destiny can be strange. The man who destroyed my family, brainwashed me into believing they left me, was right beside me and I was not killing him but instead planning to deliver him of his sins, in order to get delivered from mine.

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