Have you ever lived?

Have you ever been banned?

Dumped, thrown in a tight can, canned.

Have you ever been damned?

After being someone much famed.

Have you ever been gunned?

Dying alone eating skills you once honed.

Unable to work, since your wires are jammed.

Not knowing how to move, lamely tainted.

Well, once I was maimed,

In horror I stood alone unnamed.

All were crying foul and opined

grotesque stuffs against me untamed.

But, then I took it, not at all ashamed,

I looked ahead, I was waxed & waned.

I could do nothing, yet I stole profane

words of obliterated and obscene fame.

But, then fame was all a game,

I did very well as a dame,

In the game of madness and clever shame,

I fooled quite a few timid and the tamed.

I fooled many, got fooled by some insane

bits and canniness was handy yet mundane.

Now, I have what I needed, out of the sane

disguise of madness, cane crossed vanity in vain.

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