Contemplation and sharing

I was taught these lines by my mother

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”

“Contemplate” she said.

When you rise up every single day,

When you have the power to realise the million way,

When you live and know what He said

In these words each year at least once.

You know it was a way shown by him

to live life and look at it, in a certain way.

Death was not strong enough to let him not teach,

He taught till the end like it was a daily preach.

The words tell you and me a lot.

It tells us what we must do when fought

by people who see only one way to live

one way to thrive, one way to give.

Since they are scared to live many shades

fearing their kingdom on earth more than Heaven and Hades.

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