I am a sort of person who is very fond of genuine living.

Or else i move on to the next genuine option of living.

So, if a world wants me to be a part of it, it has to be genuine or it has to tell me what i am in. In the latter case, i may opt out if I do not like it.

After seeing varied ways of life, and knowing the beauty hidden in each, I am not scared to move to a beautiful genuine alternate living way of my choice rather than sticking to some cobweb form of living (a deformity or side track of genuine living) or mazes (wherein we begin thinking one thing when we enter the maze but by the time we leave it we are with something else).

It is very dangerous and often ignores your existence, your choices and the entire being within. You can co-relate if you have seen or read Harry Potter’s triwizard tournament.

Good night. 🐢🐟

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