From Leh far north to Tamil Nadu far south of India.

One of the most unseen part of Leh.

A journey of life which involves movement from Leh far north to Tamil Nadu far south of India.

Its amazing that a human can journey so much with brief halts here and there.

Well, home 🏡 I call these lands.

It is my land. A land where I am born.

India despite all the differences I face it is still home.

Light of the world, I call it.

Despite our differences, we should eventually try to integrate what is a true secular 🇮🇳 India.

Such a history, such gruesome past, such beautiful 🌍 world’s within the same lands. 

Is it so difficult for us to adhere to simplicity? Is it so difficult to adhere to our world unified?

Join hands so that the future of this land is bright?

Despite all these variations the moment I see it, this land still entices me.

It tells me to go beyond and make my words audible. It tells me to make an effort. 

Since it is often said that in times of great crisis, he ones who do not take any side are the biggest sinners.

It means if 100 💯 people couldn’t turn the clock, one more might have been the only force that would have been required and by not taking that chance you did the biggest mistake.

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