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Cause of depression simplified

Okay, so we would try to simplify depression causes and arrange it under neat headers-

1) Physical causes- The ones which are visible in a human. The physical body witnesses these changes and anyone outside the body can witness the changes.

They are:

A) Sleeping habit changes.

B) Eating habit changes.

C) A lack of energy which is known as a drained feeling.

D) A restless feeling.

E) An inability to carry out daily activities.

Mental changes-

A) Decreased concentration

B) A state of indecision or an inability to decide.

C) A guilt feeling.

D) Feelings of worthlessness.

E) Feelings of causing harm to self or feelings of suicide.

F) Persistent sadness

G) Loss of interest in activities which the person normally enjoys.

This will help you understand how our body and mind works.

Rest of the assessment we would do in the next session.

We would pick up one each at a time and will try to see how much we understand each of them.


Have a great day till then.🦁 🐢🐋🐢🐬🐢🦄🐢🐴🐢

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