Okay friends! Here’s a small way to start removing depressive conditions from the body.

You can either make your own rule book or follow these few lines.

Its simple.

Now, i would want you to repeat this for five minutes every morning as soon as you get up.

If you guys have an early shift like me, then while brushing your teeth, hold it, in front of you.

Read it and take a stroll.

But, you have to remember two things.

1) Just before you start doing this, take five breaths. Release all your worries momentarily. Forget anything exists around you.

Some people might call it selfish.

But to live, you have to do it. Never mind what the world calls it.

The confusing thoughts in the world are as many as the number of people abounding the Earth.

And, most importantly you matter for many, if not, many, at least you matter for yourself.

Next point,

2) Close your eyes consciously, not as in sleep but knowingly. Knowing well enough that you are closing your eyes. In this way, you clear what lies in front of you.

Last, but not the least, repeat the above pamphlet.

Next part would follow😇😀

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