I am sure in this age of hypocritical imposter plantations, all across the globe, many wome, almost 55% of them, as per raw data, are suffering from some fundamental dilemmas.

First question, important for almost these 55% women are- RELATIONSHIPS.

1) Are they in a right relation?

You can know it, by measuring how much each of both is striving to be in the relationship. If they are not at all striving, it could be they are a Spock of that very society to which you benefit day in and day out in numerous ways, that society which is further trying to make you something whereby they would benefit further. So, often you would notice that there will be a lack of flexibility towards the choices you make as to how you want to live and contribute to the society, with whom you want to live and what kind of life you want to lead. They could then be serving as those cocka which are out on top of the cages packed with hens, the ones who would be killed. Seeing the cock, they consider themselves safe not worrying about their impending doom. So, instead of vehemently opposing the process of caging, they rather sit quietly wishing to mate. Society also might try to gift you the right cock, beware!!

Always remember, that people who really love you might also want to change you, but it will always be towards your healthier beliefs making you stronger, giving you the right options, and letting you be flexible in your choice of vocation mostly in today’s world.

2) Are they in the right job?

Well, you are not once you know you are not. It might have served you well and to which you were a true servant, but now, you have grown away from it and both parties should respect that. If it tries to manipulate you, know it’s time to ring the bell and walk out.

Manipulation can come in few ways, based on what in your life is getting manipulated

i)  Through us of people to manipulate your needs.

ii)  Through manipulation of your desires.

iii)  Through manipulation of your basic requirements.

What is getting manipulated depends in the standard of the people involved in the game and as to how low they can fall, creates the basis of the challenges which roll around you when the dice is rolled in their courts.

3) Are you doing right?

Never do anything you perceive as wrong. If you think anything is right to be done with one person, ensure that you apply enough frictional force for the world to know that what you do with one person, (in terms of your gestures and behavioural pattern) is not to be perceived as the standard. Keep things flexible and weigh the person right in front of you in all parameters before declaring anything concrete about the person. Once you do declare, let it be the Gold Standard. Do not change your opinion about the person after that, but yes you can continue to judge the surrounding and the people who form the surroundings since they might be as much an impact as the person himself is.

Similarly, go back to your roots and beliefs. If you think you do not want to be a part of those you don’t understand or, above all, do not choose to understand, stick to your decision of not being a part like a mountain and no manipulation can affect you.

Keep your inner thinking straight but if confusing others can solve your problem, since they consider you a week ling, and do not wish to respect or put weight to your judgements and do not understand your “NO”, considers it as yes, then you are balanced if you confuse them since it is far better a choice made to combating them.

Do not let every other person change you, confuse them if required, but remain true to those faces who seem to have an individuality and those who are really pure in the core.

Do not let every other person guide you.

Do not be a part of any imaginary tiffs, no matter what they or you imagine. If they can imagine, you can too, but what sets you apart from the crowd, is what or how you choose to act every time. Certainly the depths of your understanding will differ widely from theirs, and hence what they do to you and what you do to them will also differ.

There was once a race, which was surrounded by enemies on both sides- on one side was a group which termed themselves as friends and on the other side was a group which openly declared themselves as enemies. However, the friends seemed to act a little precociously. Unable to decide, he chided of the tribe called the whole tribe under the hill, full of snow and cold.

Addressing the crowd, “looking at each curious, innocent face in the dim light of the Aurora borealis which was lighting up the sky from time to time, deep in the night, the leader of the tribe announced,

“My friends! It is a moment of great confusion, we are unable o decide, if the group which declares itself as friends is genuine. Some actions are very good and some are shady, so, unable to judge and keeping in mind the values and beliefs of this tribe, that none should be harmed, at least, not the ones who even remotely term themselves as friends, we have come to conclude that we follow the 90 degree path.”

Now, the whole tribe knew what it meant and thus the tribe left the are in the dead of the night, never to be seen again. In that friends group, some turned out to be real friends who mourned the loss and much later were allowed into the realm of the tribe alone. However, mostly the group as a whole did seem to be comprised of some genuine and some not so genuine people.

It is also not entirely wrong to detract people who try to detract you, keeping in mind they are not harmed since that is of course, and should of course, not be the purpose.

It is alright if you hide your innocence, your feelings, your relations & your story from those whom you do not even consider distantly, since you alone know the truth of the situation you are dealing with.

Distance yourself.

Post distancing, also you could be in a bad situation due to your enemies being stronger than you, because they might want to bring you to a position wherein they can disguise as your friends attempting to winning your trust. Never take help in those situations, live or die should not be their concern who intend to harm you- remember always.

Stay in your sufferings and search for a way.

Only stay with faces you trust, the ones you know and the ones who turned out to be your friends in the crowd.

If those faces do not arrive after you leave the crowd and do not help you to do what you want to do or at least do not stand by you, leave them in the crowd, do not go after them back, since they might be the ones who do not have the courage to stand out despite being honest and true, they might have their needs and worries. Respect that, but if they do come, open your arms and merge with them.

No one should be able to tell you what you need, with whom and when. If they try to poke in their head, ignoring is the best way.

Ask the right questions to yourself and all would settle. Remember questions are good, the ones who tell you the opposite are those, who do not want some shade of theirs, from being discovered.

No matter, who tells you what, learn to say “NO,” when you know it. and never quit, even if the whole world tries to fight you.

Death is imminent, comes to all, so it doesn’t matter. What matters is did you put a good and strong action against their fight.


to be countdd…


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