Next, to go in the list is never harm anyone if possible. The real wisdom lies in knowing and being able to find out another way. Use tact instead. Remember, fight is never the answer, flight may be. Even if you have to combat a while, keep your eyes open for another way and slip off.

Never be jealous or selfish. Remember, always that you are the sole owner of your journey. Help, others in their journey if possible, but stick to your path solely and also make sur, you let them stick to theirs. If they trespass do not hesitate to show them the way, of course, keep in mind that since they tried trespassing, grabbing a few items from you, do not try to play any tricks since in the long run called life, this does not help at all. Trust, what you get is what you strive for, and only what is allocated.

Show your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses on your own, or take help of your own, if at all, required. Be cautious, that someone can try to become your master, someone you don’t want in that position. Since fight would be inevitable at this point, hence forego the previous process itself.

Never listen to any whispers, remember your brain is made up of millions of neurones and the Cyton seems to be the Hubble and the dendrites and axons seem to be part of the antennae system, each is wired to the other, just like they can hear your head you can hear theirs too along with your own. So keep whispers aside, since not every human has been trained on authenticity on this Earth.

If you are filterless, again you are in danger. Filter is meditation where you can tune your mind to be chaotic when you want to, and still single pointedly focussed when you want to, hence just stop listening to those whispers and let them rattle your brain, ignore. By ignoring you set a brilliant process in action. You do not recognise them and that hurts all, except a few.

If the whole world dances around you to lure you, dance for some time, to check if you can be still lured, once that self imposed test is done, ignore and snooze off. If they continue, do not stop them, just do not look or look but know it’s a dance. They will get the message one fine day.

Everyone tries to advise every other single person, since it is a way to establish your worth in the society, however, what matters it, is who you take it from.

Above all, be strong, learn to have compassion even with those, who try to harm you, forgive and forget, be in your journey and complete your journey. After forty years even they would forget you in that way, since they would be crippled or dead or vice versa. It would not matter, after a hundred years at all. So chill and never hurry.

So, points to remember-

1) Know yourself well.

2) Chalk out clearly who all you love, what you love, what you want and how would you love to see your life and why and stick to it as though you are a mountain. Ignore all sideway advertisements and well tuned hawker voices who try to lure confused people into their traps. You can pretend to be confused since not all deserve your confessions and clarity. Proclaim your clarity to those who matter and know they would see it eventually based on how high they are in their I.Q, E.Q and C.Q (complication quotient, I call it. If they know the complexicities and traps well, know how to read between the lines, and if they have true intentions, they will see it faster and if they are very innocent, it might take them some time, have patience.)

3) Know, if two people exist together, needs can be different. Note, how much you can give your all to people who matter  to you and you consider them as your own.

4) Never compromise and confuse on who you love, know for sure, and never let the world tell you whom you should love. Know how much your loved ones are capable off, since the world might try to be an imposter trying to manipulate what, who is doing and causing confusion and strain in relationships.

5) Spot those faces, those souls, with whom you presume your life and cleanly stack them in your mind. For, you cannot keep count on the faces of imposters always, for they are many. Remove from your mind all those imposters.

4) They who begin a game, pull many in the game. Some are honest faces. If you find such a face, stick to it alone, if possible.

5) Deny any madness the world tries to put you in, do not be convinced by what the steelers tell you in the market.

6) Then, slowly retreat from the crowd which tries to put conditions, said and unsaid- if they seem something you do not believe in, try to change it to something you can believe or something midway but never play their game, in their way. What you can do and what you want to do and how much should be clearly set on the table so that tomorrow, they are not able to turn you into something you are not, in front of the foolish, maddening crowd.

7) Once you are out of that crowd, that zone of riches and advantages, 90% of the crowd will vanish with their trumpets and trampolines.

8) The ones who remain would be two types-

a) The ones who are truly yours.

b) Those gritty people who have seen your worth in the society and who wish to benefit more and can convince you in shadows also.

9) But, right here, you have to use your soul, brave girl, since the ones who are your own would always give you a choice to do what you wish to do, would always help you in doing that in any which ways possible as they will feel your pain, anguish and worries, would know that living that way would have killed you long before you at actually dead.

The real ones as per you have already been spotted by you, hence all you have to do is give them the chance and take the chance when they give to you to merge.

Rest, you can crush their confidence by coolly walking past them. Remember they do not even deserve a fight. Close the doors, find new destinations with people you can trust by your side- real relations, real love and real family or else prefer to walk alone and be peaceful and happy. Never settle for anything else.


All the best!




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