A Hiatus from the Loaded Past: A breather from the slipping silvery sand called Life.


Poems and vignettes. If you are wanting to linger around roads and paths of life that you have either left or planning to leave, come and read this book. Somewhere love, tears, and grief make it a wholesome whole. It talks about our minds, our love for others, and also about every small thing that makes it a life. The struggle of things gone wrong and the also the cats. There are chaptered and six of them make it a wholesome experience. It talks about women and the efforts they are throwing in, to succeed in life, yet failures often come up. The poems and vignettes tell you about smells and how they matter. The love of the mother, the love of the lover and the love of the world,, it encompasses everything. You might want to know more of Lola’s tale whose mother taught her to smell everything or you might want to catch up with Xixi’s tale and how she felt through her experiences. Cats have been strange creatures- wouldn’t it be fun to know what they do when around a monk or what they do when they are around a fan? Learn all lovely worlds that come together to make this book special. The full Moon, our wishes and tears, the dreamer, our confusions where we do not know who is our own and who isn’t? It talks about grief being real or not? Catch up the beautiful tales through this small book that can surely leave a mark on you. Mind and the windy games they can play. There are six chapters called- Love choices, voices, noises, phrases, Croissants and poignant pansies. Enjoy each one as you sit in a bus, travel in a car or sit on your favorite couch within your home while catching the rain or the winds pass by.




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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons,
living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
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Title Page
Chapter I: Love Choices
Chapter II: Voices
Chapter III: Noises
Chapter IV: Phrases
Chapter V: Croissants
Chapter VI: Poignant Pansies
About The Author


I dedicate this book to my sister who is a mirror to my follies.
I also dedicate this book to my parents, my dog and cat who
taught me to be a better person.
I thank all those bloggers and followers who have till date appreciated
my work.
The free verses are a standing testimony to love, life and death, to
introspection, and to a meditative state. Love as I have learnt it to
be, while loitering through different cultures and friends provide
matter for my love poems.
It is an approach to understanding humans as a whole, human
problem, human instincts, human ethics and a life beyond such
ethics, such feelings.
We live through ages and generations. Have we ever sat and
thought how much more we need to live, love and keep dying?
We are born, we live, struggle through pains, love all or love none,
then one fine day we grow tired, we grow sick and we die.
How much more do we need to do this?
Generation after generation!
This is what we are doing!
How much more should we repeat ourselves, again and again
and again?
A perfect match of poetry and vignettes is how I would put the
whole book together for you.

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