“It’s not merely love for me. It is light for me. I need to know a lot of things only his slavery can teach me. I have some money. I have this ship and I am a lone man. I am free to roam and wander.”

“There is nothing now, don’t come.” Loimi shouted back from the deck frantically moving her hands in the air.

“I take some medicines to help this seventy year old body to sustain the effects of old age, don’t worry for my health, if that worries you and I also make sure that I land up on shore and get my regular checkups done.”

“What about your permits? Do you have permits to wade off; can you cross the zones where the Sea actually begins?”

“I am yet to take them and I am working on it. I have hooked up with a University for research and this can help me go far. I know it’s not an easy task to be out in the Sea.”

“It is not easy, it’s almost impossible. I have also tried long for these permits. That is how I wed late.” Limie shared a little of herself with the man who gave her fish to eat.

“Limie, it’s not easy but you see you need to try completely. Once you try completely something might happen. We all try to live somehow; we all try to die somehow. This is how humans have been living always, not just nowadays.”

“Yes, it’s true. I was trying to live somehow, but what did I end up in, more somehow.”

“Yes Limie, the hollow never becomes less, the more you dig, the hollower it becomes.”

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