What would happen if we did not have loss and gain in our equation. Thinking about it one day, i went for a stroll in the nearby area.
There are no parks in my area.
Forget parks, we don’t have anymore space left from what used to once be a vast expanse of greens.
The lost greens gave way to the dull grey concrete and the red bricks made from mud.
But, then i observed people and found that humans have a defiling capability….they cannot become big in size after a certain point but can bloat with the expanse of money.
Strangely a shark cannot shrink back byt humans can. They can live in a 10 room apartment and even a half room apartment.
People call the shrinking and expansion process as change.
Change is what makes and breaks all but a few learn to adapt.
Adapt to everything that comes and goes.
Adapt to expansion and contraction of life.
Joys and sorrows they term them: jiy when expanding and sorrow for contracting.
Now, in our locality we just have the roads.
The busy roads leading to the five to six shop market just at a one hand distance from our home.
You need to exactly take 100 steps before you find a shop to be precise.
Life is this small here. Everything is around our home.
When i went to a bigger city i used to get irritated as even to go to a bank we had to travel almost 15 kilometres.
The not so traversed roads are calmer, less bikes and cars, less cats, less people and more me time.
It was just when i was crossing a bunch of kids who were trying to understand profit and loss.
One said, “Ohh, i don’t know how to solve them.”
Another said, “its simple, mug the formula, learn five examples and you won’t be betrayed.”
Every kid in the bunch giggled as if they all had aced it.
Just where the big tree ends its expanse a home has popped up.
Jharkhand is growing and especially our small one road town is slowly finding it difficult to house people.
But then profit and loss is ruling all.
A man near the home was talking over the phone. All he asked was, “How much is your profit today?”
I couldn’t hear what they said from the other side to which the man said, “Aaj bhi (even today)?” It would roughly mean they were facing loss as the tone of his voice was disheartening one and not an excited one.
Just a bit ahead, a man refused grocery items as they were priced far higher than what the person could pay.
Anither step ahead an old man said, a tourist maybe, “all my life i fought like gell to feed ny family. Now, noobe looks after me. Where is my profit in this life?”
Another one said, “Nowadays people have to count more losses than profits. You gave to evolve to survive.”
At one point i was amazed how just in one evening i was seeing so many people talk about profit and loss.
It seemed like a sad process.
Children trying to learn profit and loss.
People measuring profit and loss with money.
Humans making an attempt to count each small profit they could have in life.
Its just amazing to understand it at such a finer level.

Its impact is awesome

But what i felt even more awesome is the fact that it was one of the most stirring event as well.
If you can see it this way, without profit and loss, the world would have lost its touch.
Imagine all being happy and profited or all being at a loss
Would life feel better or worse then?
Better of course, as noone would then be sad.
But if this tug of war ended people would have one thing less to worry about.
It would mean less jobs.
It would mean less sorrows
Happier couples and no fights between communities or people as everyone is happy here. Why? As all are in loss or gain.
Our earlier generations might not have found it to be a conducive environment for growth.
But the veil of evil and the snare of the devil lies in everything.
Making this division created so much chaos as certain men and now almost all men count themselves successful or a failure based on their profits.
A mindset of profits have also seen the rise of certain unethical practices.
People are focusing on profits and don’t mind about the means.
Profit is currently a goal and the goal is no longer the happiness one feels when they make a profit.

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