I am often bound to think about everything that shimmers, glitters, and glows in the world?

Most people I asked came back with the same answer- the best advertised product is what shimmers and hence sells.

But then a question props up, ‘if what glitters is gold then there is a lot of chaff that glitters too.’

In my quest to understand the world, it would be unwise to say that I am not a dreamer. But who wouldn’t want to dream of colorful clouds making way for men and animals alike with the world being frosty clean heaven? Well, whoever knows how to dream would love to escape to those lands now and often? But, what about those who have never learned to dream!

“What survives is what lives!” My grandmother told me once.

“It’s enough if you can even survive this world.” A realist would tell you every day when you meet them on the streets.

Are realists more than optimists in the world today?

Can the doom we find around us be primarily attributed to this magnetic shift that we right now encounter in this world?

It is imperative to note that we do see a rise in the number of soothsayers versus an equal rise in the number of sooth slayers in the world today. No one needs an affirmation more than the social media where one post talks of never losing hope, and just the next one speaks of the advantages of not letting hope destroy your world.

However, the increase in the number of life coaches, white witchcraft practitioners, tarot readers (with their effable versions and visions of the world you might encounter everyday), painters, job switchers, fragmentalists, dramatists (for those of them who practice drama every minute of their lives till they breathe), and avid Ayurvedic and Yoga practitioners point out to the steep rise in the number of confused listeners in today’s world.

The rise in optimist fulcrum points and focal centers clearly shows how devoid the rest of the world is becoming of optimism. Realism is removing the veils that help build a child’s psyche and develops their imaginative envelop or bubble as many may prefer calling them.

It is true that realism is good but calling a dead man, a dead body is not making the world any better. But arguably the rise in everything else that seems to challenge human existence unlike never before is creating fizz and most often realism is an answer to it and the best way to counter it often.

Realism leads us the right way in this world where almost everything is made to glitter nowadays.

I often as a child loved playing with stones and even today they are dear to me. Whenever I pick up a stone, I fail to realize if all that glitters is so beautiful then why do the stones look so pretty, even when they don’t glitter.

When I walked down the river bed, I felt what we are looking at is not gold and neither glitter but a chaotic magnetism that pulls around it a web of shinier objects which keep buzzing and whirling around it. This kind of bewitched rhoticism guides almost every phase and step of our life.

How to be away from it?

Should we like it or hate it?

Questions keep blurring my judgment as each minute this particular action is on the rise. Every single day there is a rise in the number of people who worship everything that glitters in this world.

 Is this a result of the failure of implementing the right judgment in our children?

Does it happen since men are not taught to distinguish gold from other non-precious glittering objects? Did men forget to teach their kids the difference between gold and gunmetal?

But, I often wonder if people are deliberately losing out on this information to increase the warp of chaotic magnetism more.

What is the resultant force

While walking down the same riverbed, watching the setting sun and realizing & relishing the cool breeze, I was suddenly hit by the thought that those who do not follow this flow now can be lost faster than those who are following it. But when water flows downstream one wave is indistinguishable from the other sooner or later.

Were they merging into bigger waves and losing their identity deliberately or were they being forced to merge with each other, was hard to say from where I stood.

Even that was death whether gobbled willingly or unwillingly like the death that came from not following the waves downstream.

By far, the strongest force, death never discriminates against one another as death is the virtual end of a being in this world.

If death does not discriminate shinier objects from the non-shinier ones, why even glitter in the first place?

Be like the stones instead? Non-shiny, non-sticky with less garb to stick around!

I also realized as I set to write this article, that no matter what, nothing can change human existence singularly, and it is always all together that the fate of the entire world can sift.

However, flowing around many foci was never an answer. Thereby, trying to glitter or shimmer in different ways around independent foal points will not yield the results one might expect to get if that is not who they are.

Changing beings from one form to another is hard, and a discussion kept certainly for later.

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