We want to control everything

We want to tame down all.

Our desire to control,

overpowers our inner animal.

Our inner animal overpowers,

our inner human.

I understand fighting

against an enemy that tries to kill us.

But why kill?

Why territorise?

Why not live together?

One who understands enmity,

often fails to practice it.

One who fails to practice enmity,

are often termed as weak men.

A weak man is always overpowered.

So, we must keep killing.

Many must die for one to stay.

Many must go for one to be.

One man drops his weapons,

another tries to overpower, what must one do?

Pick it up again?

Blame the world for making him a killer?

A horrible killer?

Killer of men, slayer of dogs,

Master of violence.

The happy days are gone as a man watches in mute silence,

as men watch obliquely.

All these ages have gone past,

What makes humans forget every time

They are born here; we are to make peace and not war.

We are to return home and not wade far.

That one thing in us – a worm I call, could not be killed in so many years when we have almost killed all –

our mightiest enemies,

our faintest fears,

Our near and dear,

our garish ears,

our inner gears,

the world we hear,

our mockeries & jeer,

We kill always our dear & near.

That inner worm still lives after so many years!

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