Writing poetry for life! stories for days and peace for the nights.

It heals you.

It heals all around you

Scientifically it is seen that any word formats linked to one another in a rhythmic manner can calm hearts, well take songs for that matter.

It was just a shy hobby which took to become what I became now, healing every now and then.

But then I saw that it could also be, that through words, I was just not expressing emotions but also telling out stories.

Beautiful stories, heartwarming stories, lessons and morals weaved in words.

It is said life is a journey and writing is realising this very journey.

Finding people who can learn and appreciate journeys is what makes worlds.

Do you think so?

What is your poetry journey?

  1. Makes perfect sense. Every creative process is healing as a by product. In my case writing is therapeutic in nature.
    Well written !

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