Have we ever defined beauty?

Can we ever define it?

Given we live small, we live less,

we create havoc, we fear, we worry.

We have to, since our stomachs would

growl otherwise, we would die otherwise.

We fear death and we fear grief, we fear

losing our beauty but do we ever set to define it?

To define it, we need to know this entire universe

I must say, to define it we need to know

our smallness, we need to know our greatness,

we need to hold our egos at bay.

Beauty is just one word of many

but no word is more pronounced,

more used, we are always worried about it,

Yet we cannot retain it in a form we define beauty.

Youth is beautiful.

Married couple is beautiful.

A baby is beautiful.

A rose is beautiful 🌹

The moon is beautiful.

What about the rest?

Are they not beautiful?

Or we do not understand beauty?

Do we not understand beyond a certain frame?

Do we not understand beyond a certain dame?

Look close and meditate one day over the term.

You will be surprised by your find, I can say.

You will love all in the end, I can surely say.


  1. Like you, I have meditated at length on the concept of beauty and have come to similar conclusions. I see a wider range of beauty now. It’s very nice that you can describe your process in words. Your poetry resonates with me. <3

    1. I am grateful to know there is someone out there who thinks like me to an extent

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