Another man celebrates his birthday.

He is not merely great by his birth but also by his work.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace and he never tired when he is given a topic he believes in, you Listen he is happy, you obey he is very happy, you do not listen he repeats again till you actually listen.

He is neither happy nor sad….it’s rather a wrong way to denote his practice but he is blissfully peaceful….

I am referring to none other than His Holiness, the venerable Dalai Lama.

Many belated happy returns to this great spirit, and wish I could follow at least one of his advices at all times, but I must say I try and trying doesn’t mean I don’t try. It means I try very hard to follow the first commandment.


    1. Yeah even I find the inspiration in him many a times, in his words lies his strength

      1. Hi Shantanu I put all those blog poems into a book format…and added some inky winky flash fiction…can you please post a review…shall I send you the book in your mail?

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