Love is like salt,

It creates a taste.

Love is like sugar,

Do not haste.

Love for him

was warm and whims.

Someone’s love for me

was unknown and free.

But, then the man who hid

all this while under the lid.

The man who showed up

to me like a cup.

Life can be confusing at times.

Yet, I respect your feelings,

still now. You could talk to me

like a friend in the making.

But, you chose not to, though

I was there to listen.

You can still come back

Lay your heart bare on the stack.

I would listen to you still

not doing a favour.

Not intending to savour

Just like a man talks to the woman

If at all he likes her,

We can create a bond, a holy matrimony.

For my love can’t stay, taken he stands aloof.

But, yours can, if I choose you,

We all have darkness and dampness.

I too, have them as my sharpness.

If you can see through me.

If you do not want to flee from me?

Love for me was already taken,

I am not at all shaken

For love once for him was true.

But if love for you is also true,

Then let’s get bonded, slowly pure.

I will spend my life, strive

through my ways, till I go back

where I began, if the one I love

and one who loves me does not turn up.

I am free yet I respect you both.

If I am with the one I love,

I will live till the end with you only if you come.

If I live with the one who once claimed to love me.

I will live till the end with you only if you come.


      1. You’re very welcome! Everything is real! And I can feel it. I thoroughly enjoy it!

      2. Fiction is a twisted truth always….so are my verses and stories….thank you

      3. Thank you…truth it is…I am glad you went till there..wish you stay while I journey down the path…

      4. Well I enjoy your writing. And I’m glad you liked my blog enough to follow! Thank you!

  1. You would then seee the truth so well…away from the story….🥳the fiction mashed up into truth

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