But, then he was not well disposed towards her. He believed in competition and did everything to create a competition. He felt good from it, he loved being idolised and given a status of authority. Well, Shrum was never disrespectful yet she never idolised anybody. It was not what she could do but even sun’s rays could never bear with it, however since she maintained a safe distance, she somehow managed.

I told her one day, a rocking idea I know was not a fair play but then elongating life could come only this way.

Who was playing fair anyways? They were not, why were they even seeing her that way

1) Competition

2) Last birth enemies.

3) This birth’s enemies.

4) Friends turned sour?

I wanted to follow their ideas, so I told her to come home and discuss every single word she heard or felt was directed to them. Further, I told her to recite a little bit of roundabout things, included showing that, she would consider if a serious proposal came from New Kumar. A serious proposal but then there would be no guarantee she would accept it.

This would help her and us understand

1) What was wrong? Was it job, was it any behaviour, were they freaks or was she as a human threat to someone. If so, what and why?

We would never vote for her to be out insecure.

She was ignoring but that was making things worse, both at her office and outside. No one visited her except her family. We refrained since public eye was too keen on her.

“What will be the outcome?” For every action always has had an outcome.

I told her β€œmax to max what can happen, they can find you one who says the same things to you and behave the same way with you not on your back but on your front. It was the maximum they could do, they were eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth group after all.

She was not ready for this but there was no option to know who all wanted her out.

Precisely why?

Why were they behaving like they had bought her life?

However, we knew that their increased unnecessary futile impatient attempts forced us to take such an action.

Once, after she had confronted New Kumar she found a man, in a bike who put his index and middle finger on the fun point on his head. Then, looked at her aimed it with a swoosh sound. He blew the thumb as a trigger. That very day, in the afternoon New Kumar avoided looking at her and his constipated look was yuk. She took a picture of that man while he aimed the gun at her. She clicked it from her seat.

I kept all her pics and she deleted it from her system. It was our life line.

The purpose other than competition was not clear.

Once Shrum told out in the open, β€œwomen are better than men.”

That created uproar. Sun’s rays could plan well and lot of baseless accusations were made by the office under stern guidance of Durjoy John and now sun’s ray.

One day after we began hearing conversations we understood it was better to stay away from New Kumar. But, then Shrum confronted him asking him why he was behaving so oddly. She proposed a platonic friendship. She was never interested. She knew little that her next five years, people won’t find a better option than him to create a lie. She kept rejected repeatedly.

Meanwhile, my sister returned from the Newark and she confirmed her wellness over the phone. She had been away for six months and instead was away for a year. My sister survived there by tipping her boss. She gave up all her money to he boss, thus ensuring he always sent her to the healthiest of people.

That’s how, she ensured health.

When she left she had only one lakh dollar which in India gave her seventy lakhs. She began her training as a scuba diver and a bungee jumper with that, but later she told

as tips she got more than what she gave her boss.

Another two lakh dollar helped us set her properly in Maldives.

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