If you have read LOTR you might have come across a beautiful character, Tom Bombardil a man free of temptations.

You could never tempt Shrum, she never did what she thought was not right.

They were trying to tempt her with falsifications however, it was not working on her.

Shrum, and temptations is a hilariously funny combination.

She was taught right from wrong,

Fair from unfair.

What she was not taught was good from bad.

She knows if it’s a true thing or not. She always does. The morons tried to tempt her with boys, fears of money, some goon gangster actions, but she was never looking for such things.

So, the most illogical part was they were trying one after the other.

The hilarious part was they had no other ways known to tempt a real human.

The dangerous part was they were growing impatient with each passing day.

The only ever temptation I have seen her was when she met that doctor in the hospital. She went to him again and again, messaged him a zillion. I am sure even when she goes every year, he would always tempt her to meet him. But she would not do that, she is far too strong. Since she loves him and now she knows the world, she knows even if she harmlessly goes to meet him the world would twist it otherwise and he would also not appreciate her presence since he would not know then that he loves her. The only way to not see the perturbed face she met the last day she tried meeting him, perturbed but happy was by letting him live his life while she would live hers with him beside her.

Now, as we talk about temptations, we have to understand that temptations work through lies, a girl who smells lies would not be tempted. Maybe, Jesus worked in her well, even though she was not one of them, but her soul was close to serving him.

So, nothing worked even in her PG. She went through some stupid daily stuffs in those walls.

Her haemoglobin came down to seven eating the soda mixed rise, she was swollen.

The owner did not give her two thousand five hundred bucks.

Sara stole her hundred bucks, her roommate.

She had a bad diarrhoea and no one could treat it well. She suffered for the last three months.

Apart from all the other confusions. The girl who was the worst hit was a lesbian girl.

They genuinely bid her good bye and brought her a gift.

“This is for helping us stay sane inside the washroom. I don’t know if we can ever be together, my family is seeking a groom for me.”

“I tried helping two people who loved each other. Rest now is your fate. You guys used to whisper all your plans, I am sorry but I heard some.” Shrum smiled bravely.

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