Jojoba, jinx, narcissist names, life, lies, love, lust, work wiry, fiery fires, passes paths to tombs called colosseums where world decides doom.

“Do you think, it was made to create work out of those women who could serve nothing or do Nothing?

Was it to punish women?

Was it to kill women slowly?

Was it to ruin half the world?

Or was it to create and acknowledge the presence of a gutter in human mind?

Was it to release pressure, in reality, does it release a man’s pressure?

I don’t think it does.

What it does is, the jerk of other hormones help counter the sad hormones.

Testosterone makes them feel invincible even when they are dying.

It was a practice in many armies of the world that before the losing king went into the war, on the last day of war, the winning king used to send his most beautiful mistress to woo the king out of shame and dejection, so that he did not take his or her own life but to give the winning king the honour to register the combat in history.

It was abolished by the law makers when the crusades came to an end.

The Crusades highlighted many such wanton ways practiced in those times.

In India, it was practiced even until the death of Alexander the Great who as per many sources was poisoned by a poisoned girl (a woman suffering from AIDS) though omitted as the cause of death from books since Alexander’s death could not be sanctified or testified as per the laws of Greece.

Was it to use women as a vessel since they were stronger to drink the poison of the world, the modern Shiva.

Is it why, Bongs have to still bring a handful of soil from a door within which stays a woman who earns her living by selling her body in the truest way.

The wheat leaves the husk, the body produces dirt, we clean it. Is women the carrier of the dirt emanated from the mind being used again and again, the husk of the mind and the soul which picks up dirt as it flows through the world.

One day Shrum asked the girl in her paying guest, the girl who claimed to be a Kashmiri and the girl who was caught in this horrid nexus.

“Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“I used to feel, but now I have almost met half of the city naked, nude without clothes. I don’t feel ashamed of what I do. But, approaching you all these days, was easy, I was not ashamed since I thought that every blood is same, perhaps every woman too. I had met a girl of my kind earlier and I met you today. I am feeling shame now to look into your eyes. Those men were wrong who said all women are same. You can break any, bend any.

She would fight to live a life out of it, she has gone back home, Puru her name is, someday I might also return somewhere. I will remember you always.”

“I will remember you too. I am sorry if I hurt you, I was just irritated by your repeated requests to accompany free parties at famous hotels. I don’t want to go. You must not pester. I am not averse to what you do. I am averse to the fact that you want to make me like you. What enmity do I have to you.”

“I often grow jealous seeing how you stay. How many stay. I feel pity in myself, why couldn’t I? Where did I go wrong? That creates a lacunae. The lacunae then gets fed by vengeance towards humanity which did not give me a chance. This drives me to destroy.”

“I see now.”

All those who waned her to feel jealous of them, who want her to compete with them, who want her to feel loss, worry, anxiety, who want her to feel anger to be directed to them, then all go through the same process since all might have done self damage at some point suffering the impact from society’s wrath and chagrin, or wilful desires and snares built by this very society.

“If you don’t do this, we don’t give you this.”

“If you don’t bring me this, I would take this from you.”

“I will tell all who you really are, if you don’t do this?”

Preys and predators, hunter and hunted.

“Be hunted or be the hunter. The choice is yours.” A ๐Ÿ˜Š smiley ahead and in the end of it.

Shrum left her paying guest and the girl who stole her system at night to feed all, left a month before her, of course as a punishment she endowed Shrum with the loss of Shrum’s bucket. She stole it.

The fake Kashmiri girl wished to come and stay with her.

“I am bringing my sister and mother here also dad. I can’t keep you with me, specially with what you do. I can’t accommodate that, I could have lied but I wish to survive with your vengeance than your painful attempt to like me coz I don’t think I am too strong to help you get rid of these monsters and I can’t do it. Only you can pull yourself out of this truly.”

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