“What if I don’t tell you? What if I deny? I work with them, how can I talk behind them unnecessarily?” For a moment she took over. She lashed back.

“Well, now you are in the room and they know. If you go out, they would still doubt you. It’s better you tell it.” He took over after a momentary flaring of nostrils glaring down through a curtain of a psychiatric sweetness.

“Well, then I must tell you the truth.” She decided to remain close to what she felt would be appropriate.

“We met to defy his meetings going forth. Nita wanted to have a separate meeting since she feels he is very dominating. He dominates us often that we have to do the work this way only. However, I never felt he does exactly that, except that he might be a little more passionate about his work.”

“How is your experience working with your colleagues?”

“Good. Nita certified me as a reviewer. I have no qualms working with them.”

He asked something like, do they burden you or somewhere close.

“Sometimes, yes both ways they do burden me. I am doing big cases. I am doing complicated ones, my count is low, quality scores dip whereas there are others who only do small cases and do not even share.”

“Why didn’t you tell them?

“Well, I thought we all work as a family here. If someone is doing some work, others can take up sometimes. So I do it. I am new so parameters are little lose for me.”



“Do you think?” led to so many questions.

After that he asked a little more trying to dig deeper.

“It’s not that they don’t work. It’s just that they work in different areas. I try to suffice some areas.”

After a little more prodding she tied her open hairs and she did not like the look of half dreamy eyes with the smile on the man’s face.

However, she ignored. Since she knew she had answered a few things funnily. Besides, he was a director and dating already, quite older and since he was dating she did not see anything to be alarmed by that look.

“What do I tell them, it’s almost twenty minutes?”

“You can tell them you had some audit or some quality issues.”

None of us now remember the right words.

But then Shrum still remembers the last words.

“The ones found guilty would be properly dealt with, punished.”

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