“Why is he calling me on Earth?”

“See, What fault you have done. Go, go.” Some giggled and some at her with eyes big, reaching down to the cheeks.

She pushed the door inwards, “May I come in?”

“Please. Take a seat.” Durjoy John told.

“Thanks, why did you call me?” Shrum’s heart knew it would be something about the incident, the afternoon incident but then she did not know why she was in the room. She was new, she made her point rightfully even there. Did Maria not hear the conversations then, did she not hear who spoke what providing a wrong picture based on whose mouth moved more. Shrum knew obviously it was hers, since she was trying to neutralise the situation apart from another girl, who looked brave but was vulnerable at the end of her job moving on their tunes.

“Okay, it is about this afternoon. What happened. Why did you not attend the meeting here? Where was the team?”

Her heart sank.

“Why are you asking me? I am new here. You can ask others.”

“I will but wanted to know from you.”

“Why? Why should I be the one to tell you?” She demanded.

“Since we have seen you for so long, you have been good here, so I am trying to ask you. We will surely ask others.” He bent this head down, made an effort to join his fingers from both palms into each other.

She had not spoken to me, she had no idea what she must talk. So she spoke what she was good at, spoke what she felt was necessary.

First of all, Binky made mountain of a molehill throwing himself off one others.

Then Nita reacted unnecessarily trying to establish her dominion. God knows what they were fighting for- ego, love, hate, domination, jobs, religion, caste or creed.

Then her over exaggerated meeting.

Then her over dramatic responses,

“We will not attend his team meeting. We will have our own.” She pounded her fist on the table hard.

Unnecessary flash lights.

But then no one there probably wanted to take the responsibility on their head. No one wanted to lose their job. So, they tried finding out a scape goat. They tried a lot to make her one but Sagittarius are huge often. You can’t trap them, no matter what? You can only win them over by truth. If they are at fault ever, they will not take a second to cut off their head. The loss will never seem like a win for those who try hard to end them. It will seem like a loss to them even when they stand with a Sagittarius cut off head in their hands.

Then this psychiatric head, his over exaggeration.

“Where am I? Amongst idiots.” She muttered under her breath while opening the door.

It’s amazing how quickly humans can change their face. In fractions.

If you love only a small segment called your caste, how do you love at all?

Can it be called love? Do you know how to love then? Do you at all know anything about love about compassion, about agape then?

Those who know love in entirety is a saint,

those who know lust in entirety is a satan.

What are the humans here? Neither saint nor satan, they know nothing. They neither make an attempt to know love nor attempt to know lust. Hollow within, filled with fears, worries and a hell lot of racer bikes, racing cars, bicycles in some.

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