Now, there are good girls and bad girls in towns.

In cities no one is good or bad- there is only one genre some are on one extreme a little bit more.

So Shrum was taught some rules and our life is bound by so many necessary and millions of unnecessary laws.

But, then she learnt other rules back in the megacity…..the laws she learnt were mainly how to not give signals that men do not run behind you.

Rule#1) If you do not look straight up while crossing a bunch of men they would think you are scared of them, a sense of domination will lead to further following up and other struggles.

No one told them that girls can also look down if there are gravels or the road stands slippery. If the road is not slippery then they can walk with heads held high.

Rule#2) Do not go in front of a man and tell them you forgot and in that point of time don’t give expressions where people think anything and everything about you.

You can feel nervous, scared or perhaps you don’t like to look at those eyes. What do you do then?

Rule#3) Do not look back.

How discriminating, how can you not look back if some normal human you know walks past, if you want to see a puppy or a beautiful horse?

Do men have no work that all the time they are on the road they keep noticing which girl looked back and which didn’t.

She didn’t think all are doing it, but yes some are and. Who they are? It is often important to know.

What about human sympathy, help that humans need on roadways?

Rule# 4) Do not trust anybody.

The day she was searching for a house and people refused help she knew what those words meant.

She got advices….

1) “Check the yellow pages

2) Go online.

3) Tell your neighbours.”

4) “Our house is already getting good rent you can check somewhere else.”

5) “You need to pay 50000 bucks baby we can’t help you without that, see I had convinced my uncle to give the house to you but then you got to pay him at least. If you don’t have ask from your father sweetie, you pay you enter, you don’t pay you don’t enter. Rules can’t change for friends, how can we trust you, that you will pay it in instalments? It’s a megacity babes.”

She knew she should have not trusted the day the director called her into a room asking her questions which made no sense to her then but she had to bear the implications later in the life.

The day she saw the daughter not trusting the mother in the house next door, she knew what it meant.

Well, then comes rules on how you should talk over phones when you talk to men you are interested in and not so interested in.

How what is done….if the whole world was to run on sign language then why confuse the she world with so many languages and teachings in different language?


Just talk when required.

Just don’t smile whenever you feel something is funny. Laugh only when others find it funny and they laugh aloud. You can always join. Laughing always is a sign of advancement.

What about men and women who like to laugh then, who can find the fun and the pun in everything? What about the sherpas and lamas? Are they always advancing when they laugh aloud? What about Santa Claus so widely known and drawn with his laugh?

What about laughing Buddha? Why is it a good luck charm?

So, jolts and jerks she was set to attend the interview and get a job, she was hell bent on it.

The day before the interview she has the first jolt,

“Are you sure it’s not a call centre?” I had no way to confirm except the HR so I ask her, she says it is not. I am happy.

Next jolt,

The guy had a car and was carrying all classmates together. She asked, “Can I come?”

The big tooth Roukie did not allow, car was his by now and so was the other classmate, Penny.

So the PG mate tells her,

“You try the bus. I will get you the numbers from my boyfriend. Show them you can do it alone.”

Well, she did go, not to show them but to attend the interview, if that can be called showing them. Thanks to this Konkani friend from Mumbai.

Point to think about

If we can help why don’t we?

Given we know the person long enough to know we are no spies, thief, ghosts or witches. We are ordinary humans and ordinary beings, so we do not fall in any of this category. We are genuine normal humans trying to live day in and day out.

Cant help at such times.

Is competition so important? Can you actually win that way?

Question is, what do you win from it?

Not helping a person is in a way derogatory to human growth if there are no visible cons and pros, only assumed pros and cons.

We as humans prefer to come out clean every time, we prefer to remain hassle free, we prefer assumed pros and cons.

“If this happens or if that happens? Then what? How many that’s and this’s we live each day have you ever tried counting?

### You must hear all. But sadly whenever someone passes a comment or says something meant only for her, her ears beep. She though knows something was being said to her meant for her but she could never explain a fact so plain.

Reason: No one believes such trifle, it is often considered a shrouded, evil way to diverge all.

### You must understand eye movements. Eye to eye conversations.

Her vocabulary was limited, sorry about that.

She understood very few crude expressions alone.

Though she could sniff all, but she was indeed short sighted. She saw very less of what lay close to her. It made her a poor contender for spying on others, eyeing on others, she could sniff games and conspiracies but could never see them properly.

She was never fit to be a girlfriend ever. She could do nothing that other girls could do with so much ease around her, Literally after a time, her chances of finding that face vanished and vaporised, given she was not good at any of those things.

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